Top 20 Ultimate Coffee Machines

Top 20 Ultimate Coffee Machines

If that morning cup of Java is the only thing keeping you from a breakdown, it’s best to invest in a machine that delivers aromatic and tasty coffee in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. However, it has to be something a bit special to drag you away from the tried and tested method of coffee granules and hot water from the kettle.

Today, we present to you our top 20 list of the ultimate in coffee machines, which is sure to get you frothing at the mouth. Take a look and see if any of these wonderful coffee machines have been brewing your caffeine satisfaction.

The Best Coffee Machines

#20 FrancisFrancis! X1 Coffee Maker

Looking more like the dashboard of a car than a coffee machine, the FrancisFrancis! X1 is almost worth re-designing your whole kitchen around. Retro yet futuristic in style, this machine is reminiscent of The Jetsons. Easy to use, the coffee maker comes with handy beeping notifications if you are out of water, and to let you know when the water is at the optimum temperature.

FrancisFrancis! X1 Coffee Maker

#19 The Jura Giga 5 Cappuccino Maker

Multi-tasking at its best! The Jura coffee machine creates impressive drinks that are sure to impress the other half, with the ability to brew two different hot beverages at the same time. Plus, you can make coffees such as Ristrettos and Shakeratos, which would be hard to get hold of in your average coffee shop.

Jura Giga 5 Cappuccino Maker

#18 DeLonghi Magnifica Compact Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for something that has all the bells and whistles, then this offering from Delonghi can cater for all your caffeine needs. Whether you have a certain preference on how your coffee is ground, how much froth you like on your cappuccino or the temperature of your cup of Joe, then the Magnifica is sure to please.

DeLonghi Magnifica Compact Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

#17 Gran Maestria Titanium (Krups)

Get the barista experience at home, with this coffee machine from Nespresso. The Gran Maestria – that has the look of a coffee dispensing robot – has handy features including an Aeroccino4 milk frother and a cup heater.

Gran Maestria Titanium

#16 Handpresso Portable Coffee Machine

Coffee on-the-go has never been so accessible, with this handy coffee gadget that you can fit in your bag. The Handpresso works like a bicycle pump, as you hand pump it to create a superb cup of coffee. Simply add hot water and your favourite blend to get started.

Handpresso Portable Coffee Machine

#15 Braun Smart Coffee SC1

Very futuristic in design, the Braun Conceptone is minimalistic and shows the flow of water through the machine while it brews. As easy to use as it is on the eyes, this automatic coffee machine will smarten up any kitchen. However, guests will wonder what this cube-like device is for, so be clear of its purpose before you catch them trying to stick a DVD in it.

Braun Smart Coffee SC1

#14 The Arietta by Christian Peder Torget

Sick of brewing up more than you need? The Arietta allows you to make only enough for one delicious espresso, so you can be delightfully selfish at any moment. This little coffee machine – created by Christian Peder Torget – works like a stove-top espresso maker without the stove.

The Arietta

#13 The P-Cup Coffee Maker

Ideal for small spaces, and curiously odd in design, the P-Cup Coffee Maker is a quirky addition to any home. Designer, Seung Jun Jeong, is responsible for this contemporary caffeine dispenser that will save valuable space in any home or office environment.

The P-Cup Coffee Maker

#12 Alexander Yakushin’s Coffee Maker

With aesthetics that would not look out of place on the set of Tron, this coffee maker is highly efficient in providing you with your coffee fix. Conceived by Russian designer, Alexander Yakushin, this machine saves energy, space and time with its geometric design and stainless steel exterior.

Alexander Yakushin's Coffee Maker

#11 Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody 3 Red Coffee Machine with Play & Select by DeLonghi

Although looks aren’t everything, the DeLonghi Melody 3 is a pretty impressive specimen. For sci-fi fans, you will see a likeness to Starbug 1 from Red Dwarf. For nature lovers, this coffee machine has the look of an ant, and for those who don’t really care what it looks like as long as it makes delicious coffee, you’re still on to a winner.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody 3

#10 The Chemex Coffee Maker

Being the ultimate in coffee machines doesn’t have to come with an instruction manual. The Chemex coffee maker takes things back to basics with no electricity, moving parts or fuss. To make your perfect cup of Java, all you need to do is place your coffee grounds in the cone-shaped filter at the top, pour hot water over them and once done, grasp the wooden collar to keep from burning your fingers.

The Chemex Coffee Maker

#9 The Zipwhip Textpresso Coffee Maker

We are all very busy individuals, so how can we spare the time at work to make a brew? Well, with the Zipwhip Textspresso, you never need to do the dirty work yourself. Using a cloud texting program, which transmits text messages to computers, you can send your coffee machine your order and then simply go and pick it up. The designers are even working on a printer that will print the name of the coffee owner on edible paper, placed on top of the beverage.

The Zipwhip Textpresso Coffee Maker

#8 DeLonghi Circolo

Futuristic in design, and uber-easy to use, the DeLonghi Circulo is a stylish circular coffee machine for those quick fixes. Using capsules in a variety of flavours, you’ll never get bored of trying something new.

DeLonghi Circolo

#7 Vespeo Espresso Machine

The design of this machine is inspired by the scooter, coming together in one refined and attractive coffee machine for the home. Designed by Stefan Radev, the Vespeo Espresso Machine offers some of the aerodynamic appeal of the beloved scooter. Including a meter that shows the exact ratio of water, steam and coffee needed to make the best brews, this machine will turn you into a seasoned barista.

Vespeo Expresso Machine

#6 Saeco Etienne Louis Espresso Machine

Arty and dangerous looking, the Saeco Etienne Louis Espresso Machine is a statement piece for your home. Made of steel and aluminium, this coffee machine means business and could in all seriousness be mistaken for a mine. A great twist on the traditional design of coffee machines, it is also surprisingly easy to use.

Saeco Etienne Louis Espresso Machine

#5 Whirlpool Espresso Refrigerator

If you are tight on space, why not integrate your coffee machine with another appliance? The clever people at Whirlpool have done just this with their Espresso Refrigerator. This side-by-side fridge is equipped with ample space for your food, with the added bonus of an integrated coffee maker and water filter.

Whirlpool Espresso Refrigerator

#4 WMF 1 Coffee Maker

Small but perfectly formed, the WMF 1 Coffee Maker is great for when you want a single cup of coffee without the faff of having to brew a full pot. Little coffee pods hold enough coffee for one, as well as the reservoir holding just enough water. In a range of accent colors, you can fit this little appliance in with your décor.

WMF 1 Coffee Maker

#3 MiCoffee by Carlos Marquez

Carlos Marquez has taken the coffee machine and given it a make-over that is sure to turn some heads. With simple instructions and a quirky design, you can not only have coffee, but also tea or hot chocolate. Techy additions include a sensor that detects when a cup is there or not to prevent spillages.


#2 Black Luk by Song Ah Lee

Struggling to find wall art and a coffee machine? Well here’s a perfect mix of both. The Black Luk – created by Song Ah Lee – dispenses your morning cuppa from a small opening into your specially designed cup to fit the machine.

Black Luk

#1 Electrolux Memory
If you want to feel like a spy but don’t fancy the danger of secret missions, then the Electrolux Memory is the coffee machine for you. This mushroom-like coffee maker comes equipped with hand print recognition – that remembers your favourite beverage – so you can have your perfect caffeine blend delivered to you every morning.

Electrolux Memory


There are many and varied coffee machines available these days, and whether your requirements are for a machine to simply produce a great cup of coffee, or if you want a machine that uses capsules to save on cleaning, etc, or if you want a coffee machine to match and/or complement your décor, the machine for you is definitely out there.


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