11 Free User Polling & Voting Plugins For WordPress

Gathering user feedback is super important on the web. You can gather feedback through quizzes, emails, or even polls with Q&As embedded right into your site.

In the past we’ve covered some of the best plugins for WordPress but I like to dive deeper into the nuances of certain plugins.

That’s why I created this list of 11 free user polling, voting, and Q&A plugins for your site. All of these are 100% free to use and they all have their own features for handling user feedback on WordPress sites.

1. WP-Polls

WP Poll plugin

Perhaps one of the most popular and useful plugins you can find is WP-Polls.

It’s easy to customize and blends into any WordPress theme with just a few clicks. You can even edit the CSS yourself to get these polls looking nice anywhere on your page.

Plus this is one of the most up-to-date plugins available with the most recent version being released only 2 months ago(as of this writing). It’s optimized for the latest version of WordPress and it supports tons of great user selection features with i18n built into the plugin.

You can learn more by visiting the GitHub repo and digging into the code yourself.

But you can also install this directly from your admin panel if you wanna take it for a test drive.

2. Democracy Poll

Democracy poll plugin

Another nice plugin you might like is Democracy Poll. This is also updated frequently with new features and security fixes based on the latest release of WordPress.

With Democracy Poll you give your visitors a lot more to work with. They can add their own answers into poll questions, select from multiple answers, and even see their answers afterwards. Plus all of these features are customizable so you can edit them to your liking.

Same goes with the poll theme and certain voting requirements like asking users to register for an account first.

There’s so many features here but suffice it to say you can do pretty much everything with this plugin by your side.

It also has a sweet admin setup on the backend where you can change pretty much everything to suit your needs.

3. Poll by Totalsoft

Totalsoft Poll plugin

This plugin, simply titled Poll, is a fully-featured voting plugin with tons of options for user inputs.

You can design custom polls as charts, quizzes, Q&As, or simple voting methods with predefined answers. All of them report into the backend with database tables that log each user’s IP address + user info if they have an account.

Note this is a freemium plugin so it does have a pro version too.

But you can do so much with the free option that I recommend sticking to that. It comes with 18 themes and custom UX behaviors like animation effects on each polling page & a fully responsive design.

4. Pinpoll

Pinpoll plugin

Ever wanted to create engaging polls for all devices? Then your search is over with Pinpoll.

This comes with a lot of very detailed themes to match your WordPress website. You can setup polls to run on an entire page, or to run in sections of a certain page.

The backend is also pretty unique and it doesn’t follow the “typical” WordPress UI setup. But the options are still easy to change from the admin panel + you get full access to user results at the click of a button.

I mostly recommend Pinpoll for full-page polls that should grab a user’s attention fast.

5. Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz Survey Master plugin

Quiz And Survey Master has been around for a few years but recently got rebranded with an update for the newest version of WordPress.

It does just as the name suggests with custom quizzes and surveys for your WordPress site. You can find a couple live demos of the sample quiz and the sample survey, both following similar styles on a similar theme.

But you have full control over the design and the actual content of the quiz. Want to add more radio buttons over input fields? Super easy with the admin panel.

This also has full CAPTCHA support to reduce spam and even limit the total number of submissions if required. You can even have the total quiz results emailed to you along with storing them in the database.

6. Polls by Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage Polls

The key to any great poll is the content and the engagement. Usually this shines through with a great design, but your poll has to blend into your site to work well.

Polls by Opinion Stage is another simple plugin built for WordPress polling. Yet the design is anything but simple!

You can design all sorts of content variations from trivia quizzes to more general surveys and everything inbetween.

The full name of this plugin is much longer than I’d want to add here(you can see it on the main page). But that name holds true since this plugin offers everything in that title plus quite a bit more.

7. YOP Poll

YOP Poll plugin

With the YOP Poll plugin you’ll find a beautiful setup on two sides: the frontend and the admin dashboard.

Many plugin creators forget to design a usable backend. They assume all WordPress users just instinctively know how to work with plugins, but YOP Poll is one that really puts the webmaster’s experience first.

From the admin panel you can schedule polls with start/end dates, customize the poll’s fields, and organize the results for easy browsing.

It’s also super easy to clone & edit older polls to repeat similar ones you did in the past. This will save you so much time if you frequently publish polls on your site.

YOP may not have all the flashy design features you see in other plugins but it does come with reliability and ease of use. Definitely worth checking out if you’re big on polling your audience.

8. WordPress Survey & Poll

WP Survey and Poll

With a name like WordPress Survey & Poll it should be obvious what to expect.

This free plugin is pretty darn easy to setup once you learn the backend UI. And it comes with a nice modal window feature to embed your polls dynamically into the page.

This way you can have polls appear on top of your content in a modal window, rather than loading a totally new page.

I should note this is another freemium plugin where you can stick with the free option, but some features are limited. You can have a peek at this demo to see more.

I primarily recommend this if you want a real visual editor with tons of customizable options. Not to mention the modal window is a nice treat if you don’t want a poll eating up space on your page.

Thankfully this thing is fully responsive and easy to edit with an RGB color picker along with 600+ Google Webfonts.

But you can see more on the plugin page if you dig into the “features” section.

9. POWr Poll

Powr Poll plugin

So POWr Poll utilizes cloud storage to handle your polling. This means you’ll reduce the total size of your page and pull most content from external servers.

This isn’t something that works for everyone. Some people want control over their data, others are OK to use an external platform to run their polls. Really the only problem here is size limitations on your polls.

If you go with the free version you are limited to only 100 submissions per month on their platform.

You probably won’t want to upgrade since there are so many other free options here. But POWr Poll can work if you don’t have many visitors or don’t need too many results.

The biggest benefit is lowering the size of your database since all this content can be stored on the POWr Poll servers.

10. POWr Survey

Powr Survey plugin

I had to throw in the POWr Survey plugin too because it’s just as good as their polling plugin.

With this survey tool you can easily setup dynamic Q&As that blend naturally into your site. Again you will be limited on the total number of submissions you can take per month, but only if you stick with the free account.

If you like the cloud storage solution this is well worth trying.

11. Popup Surveys

Popup surveys plugin

Here’s one more freemium option that I think really takes the cake. Popup Surveys is a plugin developed by MARE with the intent of gathering user feedback in the style of surveys.

This does run through their system but luckily it has a free account that you can use for life.

And if you go with this free account it doesn’t even feel too limiting. You still have access to plenty of custom styles, logo options, and multi-choice polls with star ratings to boot.

You can even design how the poll appears with a corner pop-up tab or a popover lightbox effect. Both work very well and should grab your visitors attention right away.

I certainly hope you like this list and find something useful here!

And if you’re looking for even more awesome WordPress plugins have a look at some of our related collections:



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