A Trend to Follow – Headline-Centric Hero Areas

Headline-Centric Hero Areas

Homepage headlines have always been an important focus of attention. While web app builders see them as an essential detail of the entire composition, regular visitors see them as the primary starting point where they can get the overall idea of the page. Like any element of a user interface, homepage headlines are subject to changes. Not only do they adapt to new realities, but they also try to stay trendy.

Therefore, once in a while, we can witness various compelling solutions applied to them. For instance, today’s website developers prefer to create headline-centric hero areas placing the title right in the middle of the screen. In this article, let us consider some outstanding examples to see firsthand how this tiny yet interesting trend flourishes.

Homepage Headlines in the Heart of the Hero Area

Before moving to the artistic side of the trend, we are going to explore its practical side. Plenty of websites use dynamic elements for the hero area. Predictably, they get the undivided attention that is not a good thing, as content should always be a king.

However, you can strike a balance between the entertainment part that is used to make a long-lasting impression and the informative part that should deliver the required message. To do this, you need to place the headline right in the center, since this is the most viewed part of the screen. In this way, your message won’t be ignored. For example, consider the personal portfolio of Obake Yashiki.

Obake Yashiki

Obake Yashiki - Great example of homepage headlines

Here, the home screen has an exceptional background. It is really heavy and really mesmerizing. You can even play with it. How cool is that? However, despite this eccentricity, the headline still stays the star of the show. The headline-centric approach does all the heavy lifting, turning the tagline into a focal point.


Goodnesso - a great example of homepage headlines

The first stop in our exploration of the artistic side of the trend is Goodnesso. Although it is just an online portfolio of a digital agency, nevertheless, it deserves your dose of attention.

Here, the welcome screen is a unique combination of businesslike vibes and creative juices. The team has used an old-school trick of big font size to direct the attention towards the title unobtrusively. Even though the hero area is populated with elements that are set in motion, the tagline occupies its rightful place under the sun.

This example sticks to the classic path, although it has some modern dynamic features. However, it does not mean that all other cases will be the same. Let us reveal the cutting-edge nature of this trend and get some inspiration from exciting takes on the approach. Consider, for instance, Greenleaf Logistics.

Greenleaf Logistics

Greenleaf Logistics

Essentially, the hero area of Greenleaf Logistics has the same structure as Goodnesso. However, it still looks different. The stylistic options save the day here. The homepage headline has a more significant visual weight due to the huge and bold typeface. It does not blend in seamlessly — you can feel its presence on the page.

Another thing that instantly separates it from the competition is the splashes of neon colors that are used to highlight the crucial details of the homepage, such as the CTA, logotype, and descriptions. The idea is simple, yet it looks refreshing and stylish.

The Apple Press

The Apple Press

Unlike the previous examples in this list, the team behind The Apple Press has gone for minimalism. Their homepage headline is compact and conservative. It is tightly packed and placed in the middle of the screen. Note that even though a minimal approach is involved, it still radiates off artistic vibes. The deal is that a badge-style realization gives its note of piquancy. A simple but clever solution.

Greg Hirshland

Greg Hirshland

The creative team behind the personal portfolio of Greg Hirshland shows us another way to make homepage headlines look exceptional and extraordinary. The trick is to play with other trendy solutions.

The hero area is anything but conventional. Here, the tagline is just a character set, scattered throughout the central area of the section. Underneath, you will see a hand-drawn portrait. The homepage reminds to a skillfully designed poster for some print media. It is elegant, sophisticated, and certainly one of a kind.

Guide To Polish Design

Guide To Polish Design

Although the homepage headline of Guide to Polish Design is not as intricate and smart as the previous example, nevertheless thanks to its elegant outline letterforms, it quickly gets the readers’ attention as well as adds a little more personality to the project.

Much like The Apple Press, the team also heavily relies on a minimalistic approach. They have ditched images and opted in favor of several simple objects that are concentrated around the tagline. The scene is jazzed up with a parallax effect to give a subtle edge to the user experience.

Aristide Benoist

Aristide Benoist

The personal portfolio of Aristide Benoist has a clean, monotone background the features the name of the artist, stretched from top to bottom. The idea is simple, yet the artist managed to make it inspiring.

The headline-centric hero area reminds to Malevich’s Black Square in which everyone sees the scene they want. The artist skillfully combines gorgeous typography with a rustic environment bringing about the sophisticated appeal. Simple yet brilliant.

Melt the Fly

Melt the Fly

Let us add some 3D juices to the website and use modern techniques to inject life into headline-centric hero areas. Consider Melt the Fly as a representative example of sites where beauty lies in a skillful mixture of typography and parallax effects.

At first glance, Melt the Fly meets the audience with quite simple design: it is just a black canvas with a video placed in the center. However, not everything is as easy as you might think. Several distinctive features will knock your socks off. First, a trendy glitch effect that spices the video background. Second, video players that do not stay still but you can move them in various directions. Finally, the headline is a masterpiece where the rules of perspective, isometry, and, of course, the dynamic behavior create a true feast for our eyes.


Headline-centric hero areas are not only about one single line in the middle of the screen. They are much more. Artists use trendy approaches such as vertical rhythm and badge-style compositions, and modern techniques such as isometry and parallax to take the effect to the next level.

As a result, we can enjoy not just a single trend, but also its ability to create a symbiosis with other mainstreams, bringing about outstanding results.



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